Residential Roller Shutters

Our security shutters are ideal for home applications and will provide a secure solution for all door and window openings, eliminating the risk of burglary and vandalism whilst also adding style to your property.

Contemporary & Compact Design

  • Lightweight and discreet, with no bulky fittings or storage requirements n Attractive finishes available in any RAL (the Industry Standard) colour n Mechanically efficient

High Security Specification, Direct From The Manufacturer

  • Very strong and durable aluminium n Heat & sound insulation
  • Reliable and quiet in operation
  • Water and wind resistant

Robust Safety Controls

  • Fully compliant with all current safety standards

Residential Shutter Product Specification

  • Compact Profile: 38mm extruded slat
  • Discreet Rail: 66 mm extruded guide rail
  • Compact Box: 165mm x 165mm – Windows 205mm x 205mm – Doors n Operation: Electrically by key switch, pad switch, or remote control
  • Colours: All RAL colours available

Installation Nation-Wide

  • Professional and discrete measuring, design and installation service available n Quick turnaround times from order
  • Efficient installation by Lakeside Operatives