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Commercial Roller Shutters

Our high security aluminium shutters from Lakeside Security in South Wales are suitable for all types of commercial premises, eliminating the risk of burglary and vandalism whilst also adding style to your property. We offer both a smaller, more compact 38mm extruded slat profile for smaller premises or larger 77mm extruded slat profile for larger openings such as communal entrances.

High Security Specification, Direct From The Manufacturer

  • Very strong and durable aluminium n Heat & sound insulation
  • Reliable and quiet in operation
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Mechanically efficient
  • Attractive finishes available in any RAL (the Industry Standard) colour

Robust Safety Controls

  • Fully compliant with all current safety standards

Shutter Product Specification

  • Profile: 38mm or 77mm extruded slat
  • Rail: 66 mm or 95mm extruded guide rail with brush insert
  • Box: 165mm x 165mm – Windows 205mm x 205mm – Doors 300mm box for larger 77mm slat
  • Operation: Electrically by key switch, pad switch, or remote control n Colours: All RAL colours available

Shutters For Sports Venues, Stadiums and Large Scale Event Centres

The new Swansea City FC and Ospreys £27 million stadium has been fitted with Lakeside High Security Aluminium Shutters. These not only meet the demanding security requirements but also complement the striking architectural design of the building which has become one of Swansea’s best- known landmarks.

Security Shutters For Schools

We have been installing security shutters to schools since 1988, providing protection for computer rooms, IT and technology departments
and other at- risk areas such as concealed entrances and hidden alcoves. We have been appointed as an Approved Installer for several County
Councils throughout the UK and provide security advice and equipment on a regular basis.

Security Shutters For Surgeries, Health Centres & Offices

Shutters for health centres provide an optimal solution for building protection against vandalism, burglaries or unwanted entry.

Security Shutters For Bars, Licensed Premises and Serving Areas

Bar Shutters for pubs, clubs and other licensed venues provide robust protection for valuable bar stock. In addition, we can supply custom- made Serving Area Shutters, Kitchen Shutters, Take- away Shutters and shutters for many other applications in the hospitality and hotel industries.

Security Shutters For Communal Entrances

Typically this type of shutter is required for Housing Authority properties, Apartment Blocks and Flats. The Lakeside Communal Entrance Shutters feature high quality extruded aluminium with a 77mm profile, a 95mm guide rail with brush insert, which rolls into a 300mm box.

Security Shutters For Shops

High security against vandalism, burglaries and arson attacks.

Security Shutters For Market Stalls

These are vital for the extended periods when an otherwise vulnerable market stall may be left unattended when filled with valuable stock

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