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Industrial Roller Shutters

Our high security aluminium shutters are the optimal security solution for all types of industrial premises, eliminating the risk of vandalism, burglary, arson attacks and unwanted entry whilst also providing secure protection for all types of stock.
We offer our high quality and highly robust profile in either a galvanized, plasisol or powder coated steel finish.

High Security Specification, Direct From The Manufacturer

  • Very strong and durable aluminium
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Mechanically efficient
  • Attractive finishes available in any RAL (the Industry Standard) colour

Robust Safety Controls

  • Fully compliant with all current safety standards

Shutter Product Specification

  • Profile: 75mm Galvanised, 75mm Steel or 77mm Plastisol
  • Rail: 90 galvanised guide rail
  • Box: 300mm or 400mm steel or aluminium box
  • Operation: Electrically by tubular motor, single or 3 phase
  • Max size: 5000mm x 5000mm Punched middle section available
  • Colours: All RAL colours available
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