Roller Shutters

We have been manufacturing and fitting High Security Aluminium Roller Shutters for residential, commercial and industrial use since 1988.

During this time, our policy of continual product refinement and improvement has enabled us to develop a range of shutters that are extremely robust, technologically advanced, low maintenance, easy and safe to use and very competitively priced.

Key features of our Roller Shutter range are:

  • Fully compliant with all current safety standards n Very strong and durable aluminium
  • Reliable and quiet in operation
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Attractive finishes available in any RAL (the Industry Standard) colour
  • Mechanically efficient
  • Professional and discrete measuring, design and installation service available

We offer a quick turnaround time and efficient installation on all our roller shutters.

Please note that we can also provide secure solutions to meet a variety of specialist requirements.


Residential Roller Shutters

High quality and attractive finishes for all door and window openings. Lightweight and discreet yet highly robust. Compact 38mm extruded slat profile with discreet 66mm extruded guide rail. Heat insulation and sound proofing benefits.


Commercial Roller Shutters

High security aluminium shutters for Sports Venues, Schools, Surgeries & Health Centres, Offices, Bars & Licensed Premises, Communal Entrances, Market Stalls. Smaller, compact 38mm extruded slat profile or larger 77mm extruded slat profile for larger openings available.


Industrial Roller Shutters

Galvanised steel or insulated shutters for industrial factories or premises. All shutters are electrically operated. Option of three robust profiles: 75mm Galvanised slat, 75mm Powder Coated Steel or 77mm Plastisol slat.