Security Garage Doors

It has been stated that about 35 – 45% of residential crime classed as ‘non- forced’ is through garage doors, and in many houses there is direct access to the main living areas of the house from the inside of the garage.

When purchasing a Security Garage Roller Door, it is vital to consider some of the features being offered by the manufacturer. Very importantly, ensure that the strength of the side guides is sufficient to prevent forcing. Just as important is the robustness of the lowest slat and retaining bar at the foot of the door curtain, as many thieves will attempt to lever the door up by using a crowbar
at this point. Additionally, the remote control unit and door receiver should be programmable so that the code can be changed.

If you decide to make security a high priority for your garage then we have the ideal solution with our robust,Security Garage Doors.


  • Custom built to any size
  • Robust extruded 38mm profile system with 66mm rail
  • A single door weighs 100kgs and is 300% stronger than our standard insulated profile
  • Vastly more secure than an older up- and- over type garage door
  • Convenient operation of the garage door by radio remote from your vehicle (optional)


  • Excellent security – no external locks to be tampered with
  • Manufactured to British ISO 9002 and international standards
  • Electric operation with manual override facility, safety break & safety beam included


  • Clean contemporary design, in a range of colours
  • Vertical travel allows total use of space in front of the garage
  • Guide channels and aluminium housing powder coated white and hidden inside the garage
  • The door rolls into a compact housing which barely intrudes into the garage headroom, allowing full use of the roof area for storage


  • Quick turnaround times from order
  • Efficient installation within one day by Lakeside Operatives