Sectional Garage Doors

All of our sectional garage doors are custom built to the highest specification with 40mm thick door sections.The outer panel skin is finished in industrial grade Pur-Pa Polyurethane paint, the best possible quality of any manufacturer.

Our sectional garage doors have scored an outstanding u value of 1.35w/(m2k).

We offer a fully comprehensive 10 year guarantee which incorporates a 25,000 spring cycle guarantee which equates to 17 years of average use.

The side and top seals fully enclose the edge of the door frame preventing empty spaces which are known as cold breaks. The bottom seal is a multi chamber heavy duty rubber polymer seal.

All our sectional garage doors are operated by a remote control operation with a powerful Avanti t-series 800nm motor, manufactured in Germany.

We offer 5 panel designs and a range of 17 colours

We have 29 years experience in the installation of garage doors


Sectional Garage Doors Benefits

  • Tailor Made For You
  • 10 Year Protection
  • Ulimate Security
  • Economical
  • Engineered to the highest standards
  • Remote Control
  • Insulated